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By Cyril Joseph

It’s easier to count on things going wrong,

It reassures your illusion of control.

Especially when wrong is all you’re used to.

It’s easier to guilt people into doing things,

Easier than inspiring them anyway.

Especially when you know what strings to pull.

It’s easier to ignore what’s in front of you,

Regardless of what you see.

Easier than acknowledging it anyway.

It’s easier to disguise,

Than to leave it all out there.

Easier to function, when hidden away.

It’s easier to burn it all,

Regardless of how close you were.

Way easier than the uncertainty beyond completion.

It’s easier to manipulate yourself,

Into believing in fresh starts. Easier than changing anyway.

It’s easier to believe,

Than live without fantasy.

Easier to get high on hope.

All these momentary escapes, Drawing you in and drawing you out. It’s easier to go through unscathed.

And on the offchance, it takes It’s easier to get out of your own way.

By Cyril Joseph

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