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D 16

By Firo (Firosghan)

Generally … Peoples use to say good things takes time.

Especially when it’s emerging from love it indeed awaits for it’s right moment like a butterfly coming out of cocoon. Sometimes it’s just days or weeks sometimes it’s months or even years.

This is one kind of twin incident happened a couple of decades ago

Two pair of spirits when bonded and exchanged their love,

a beautiful hope of seeds are bloomed at different poles.

Those seeds as rooted with love and care, slowly tends to grow observing all the inhumanities and impurities above it’s eyes believing their spirit angels going to be guarding them when it comes out. As days and weeks goes by, evolving over for whole eleven months encountering all those little pamperings, tearful joys, prayers and kisses from their mama and papa awaiting it’s way into a new world.

As the skies tends to seal with dark and the winds tends to blow with sounds

As the snow tends to cover the roof and the night tends to remain as young

There they comes out of the cocoon having the moon as their only witness

With a loud cry unfolding hopes and happiness to their entire circle

both the souls spots their mama’s smile as their first sight

and papa’s hand as their first hold.

When one seed gets a view with a glimpse of nature

the other one gets a view with top notch buildings and cities.

Awaited over for three forty nine day and nights since the beginning of year

started their journey on the same day but on different ends of world.

That’s the day of two different souls with two different paths

has started their voyage.

The day where Passion and Poetic had it’s human form.

The day where Beauty and the Beast stepped out of forest.

The day where Dignity and Humanity started riding on horse.

The day where the entire story begins

And the day is

By Firo (Firosghan)

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