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By Sharbori Bhattacharya

You held my hand when I was small,

You caught me when I fell,

You are the hero of my childhood,

And my later years as well!

Every time I think of you,

My heart still fills with pride,

Though I’ll always miss you ‘Baba’,

I know you are by my side.

In laughter and in sorrow,

In sunshine and in rain,

I know you are watching over me,

Until we meet again!

We were all so loved by you,

And so very close to your heart,

Yet, so very unwillingly,

Why did you simply depart?

Since the time you went suddenly,

Life has changed drastically!

There is more of pain and little gain,

Please give me back my old life again….

By Sharbori Bhattacharya

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