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By K Gauri

Many say that I look like my father,

I love to believe but it’s not just looks rather,

To me, to amma, to Surya you’re the pillar

Of Love, concern, care and laughter

You definitely are a great seller!

Appa I remember how I was nurtured,

When amma taught me to be humble,

You taught me how, no matter what, not to crumble.

Many a place have you shown me,

But all I enjoyed was your humour

Be it high in the mountains or deep in the sea.

29 cities, 7 states, 5 schools, 2 countries,

You made us travel so much,

You’ve always let our horizon of happiness touch!

But since many years have you been in travel,

You work so hard, you comprise on yourself for us,

You never cry, you never show, you don’t even discuss,

But don’t you worry appa, I hope to join you soon in the battle!

Many say that I look like my father,

I love to believe but it’s not just looks rather,

I sometimes ask you to walk a little slower appa,

Be it 2 or 20, I've not let go of your hand,

Slowly and steadily I'm following your footsteps,

I'll surely one day learn to take my own stand.

For you who can say, she's my child, she's like me,

Proudly can you cherish that not just by looks, not just by eyes,

K Gauri is best as Gauri Krishnamoorthy!

By K Gauri

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