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By Chandana Chowdary


Your moist face with all the glow

Looked pale and bloated with a sense of low.

The long maintained hourglass figure

Lately, got distorted under the highest pressure .

The fear for simplest things in vain

Didn’t fear to endure the deadliest pain.

Ripping your skin ,Flushed the new skin.

Till the newborn cry , Ripped part of you was left to dry.

Your pain was left unattended

Till the infants launch was deeply commended.

Starting from there,

Your lifestyle changed from peaceful mornings

To our bed timings.

Activities of us are carefully examined

But self care of you is left forsaken.

It all continued till the name of you

Was replaced to “Amma” as we grew

From being the biggest critique

To judging every single issue.

Making the bags in the morning

To unpacking the same in the evening.

Morning cuddles to late night tranquil.

Biggest source of inspiration to

Only lap under depression.

Being the best of friends to worst of enemies.

Masking all your hobbies for the ever-changing habits of us.

Hiding your interests under the layers of our wants.

Convincing our achievements as your accomplishments.

Raising strength in all the situations to

Falling weak for our sober faces.

What else is left for you,

When every inch of you is completely filled by us.

What else can we become

Apart from being your ideal signatures.

By Chandana Chowdary

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