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By Navneet

This wait that long forever going on;

This wait for things to get over

‘tis wait for life to get better.

This wait for situations to work out;

And us to win the bout.

Wait for work to align

And this self to shine.

The wait for this fight;

both within and outside

waiting for things to subside.

The wait to stay strong and never say die.

That long wait for happenstance and miracles on our stride.

The forever wait for the kindred soul;

To finally find the peach of this heart’s desire,

Of the love begotten through perseverance.

Now even more wait for the endeavours and the long walk to be together.

The pinnacle to wait;

Is just waiting on the side,

to watch things orchestrate

well for the others in life.

Wherein, you’ve probably deployed;

More sincere and honest efforts.

The hunger is gone;

The zeal to strive

has declared itself on a strike.

You just wish to live each day;

to pass this enormous mountain on your way.

Peace is the only solace.

You have become listless like the pool

by the shore;

existing in hope for the storm,

to merge you in the sea

and let you swim free.

By Navneet

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