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By Dr. Santosh Biswal

I search you in battle ground

In cry of victims wrapped in gun powder

In funerals of dear one's

Snatched in jaws of rising pandemic

Among zealots in amphitheatre for victory

You manifest vastness in galactic ocean

Freshness drenched in sylvan dawn

Your voice in chirping of birds

Warmth of you in mother's lap

You are void!

You are none!

You are none but the vibrant void

Echoing essence of happy prayers

In consolidation and condolences

Are you a mere consciousness?

The pranic energy the Omnipresence

From seed you sprout a tree

Being an oblation in fire of gut

To churn the nutrients of life

Infusing salinity into springs

Picking shells of wisdom from briny ocean

Winds of South East carrying rain

Arch as a rainbow in the beyondness beyond sky

I am

A sailor in ocean of consciousness

In a

Quest for eternal union

I am relative

Yet on absolute move into you.

By Dr. Santosh Biswal

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