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By Siddarth Gokul Yeepu

If YOU were a rose, my love,

soft and sweet,

u would be thorn less,

and one could never bleed.

and if YOU were a diamond, my love, cut to perfection,

i know of no queen worthy,

to adorn u.

and if YOU were a butterfly, my love,

beautiful and frail,

u would make rainbows gray

and flowers pale.

and if YOU were the jacaranda, my love,

in true lavender full,

march wouldn't be,

your only month in bloom.

and if YOU were a wasp, my love, fearless and bold,

you would die,

but never sting.

but if YOU weren't human, my love, living in my time,

I wouldn't be wearing this smile, so silly yet meaningful.

By Siddarth Gokul Yeepu

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