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By Arihara Sudhan R

There is no such thing as nothing; But there can't be just one thing. When it comes to two things; There arises a sense of everything. Why must it be a thing? Why can't it be a being? That's what told by teachers; Who were termed as preachers. There is no artist without a painting; There is no scientist without a finding. In sense there can't be a tree without root; There isn't a shoot without fruit. How can you know? If you just say no. How will you attain zeal? If your mind is beneath a seal.

There is something positive; That pulled us from primitive. A world without suffering; Is just chemicals around buffering. Is inferiority the reason to loath? Or is it intellect that is keeping you from truth? Or is it the process that you fear? That is about to come near.

What if there is no end?

To the days that we spend.

If it's not a line;

Then it's just fine;

Why can't it be a circle?

If so, what is there to brickle?

If it's a circle, how will it unfold?

Its just a refining process that is untold;

With each circle it gets old;

Enough to be poled.

All events are just interactions;

Between two, which are the causations.

Apart from supreme we are just one;

Apart from that we are none.

By Arihara Sudhan R

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