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By Ishita Dhanda

Once while I was walking

I noticed a small web

I was amused so I decided to take a closer look

And the closer I got by the bigger it was

But still too tiny for me

So I decided to poke it

My fingers got stuck and then my hand

And soon before I could even realise it my entire body

The more I struggled to free myself

The harder it got

Earlier the web looked so small to harm

But now it was drowning me

How could something so little become so big?

When did my little anxious thoughts become so dangerous?

When did it become depression?

The web wasn’t going to break

It was only getting bigger and stronger

But there were a lot of people to help

To free me

To fight it with me

Cause all I was doing was breaking the web

And it grew bigger from other parts

I didn’t realise that the spider had to be killed

To stop it from weaving more webs!

By Ishita Dhanda

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