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By Aryan Jhunjhunwala

Above every heart and pounding brain,

Every building, leaf, and lane,

Blazes strong and sound,

The sun shedding profound.

A mighty beast like structure illuminated,

Orange, yellow and white tinted,

Clinging to carpet blue at days,

No less than Almighty’s grace.

A gem of Nature’s creation,

Following the east to west motion.

Providing light and heat,

To beings a source of living.

The rays that come,

Swallow the night’s hum.

And brings with it a new day, a new morn.

Lighting up all cities and lawns,

No breathe there would be without this,

Waters, plants, and beings would miss,

Just darkness would rule over.

And ice, hale and frost would rule.

It is the eyes of Lord himself,

Looking over us, quite intense.

While keeping us alive indeed,

The misdeeds and feats all are seen.

By Aryan Jhunjhunwala

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