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By Sharmistha Kamat

She is gentle, soft, delicate... She is a new born... Her smile …so calm, so peaceful …So gentle , yet so firm... She is beautiful,

Slowly she is growing like a rising sun.. Now she is young... Youthful, her father falls in love with her every time she caresses him with her soft touch... Every time she falls asleep in his arms.. She makes happiness happier for everyone around her... She is life... She is adorable... She love colours and all the colours blue ,white, saffron, red, violet...

It’s not pink always... Now she is grown up , She independent.. She lives life on her own norms.. Takes care of family and everyone around.. She has the disparity of right and wrong... She makes her own choices... She is beautiful... With her hairs undone... Her eyes , just simple without any liner... She is beautiful in her own shape... Just the way she is, She can love indefinitely and when she says it , she means it.. She has the guts to express , express herself with no filters... And one day she leaves the place , which she had learnt to be her home, And gives her heart out to you.. She cooks for you...nurses you when needed, loves you no matter you shatter all her dreamy thoughts.. She has the magic to bring new life.. She has that tolerance... She is the power .. Sometimes she is moody, sometimes is over emotional, sometimes over dramatic.. But maybe she is just in pain and need a shoulder to shed her tears... She needs to be held... She is Different.. She cannot be equal to man.. Because she is much greater creation of god...a painting with all the colors of life and only an artist with that mind can extrapolate the creation... She is your mom, your wife, your sister, your girlfriend , your friend, or may be the colleague sitting beside... She feels excruciated when your eyes stare at her that way...

Respect her not because she achieved something but because you owe her so much more than your capability to repay...

She deserves to be loved but not the way you think of love... She deserves to be happy ... She deserves to be appreciated... Love all the beautiful creations ... Wish your lady a women's day if you feel it...else let the day go as it is... Dedicated to my Maa...and all my lovely ladies.

By Sharmistha Kamat

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