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By Chethan N Murthy

She walked like a ray Of all the aspects of bright and day Awakening poet inside me needless to say She was like dusk kissed oceans coruscating light Scintillating halo of her blinded my sight! Alighting chariot like a princess My heart freezes to her kisses and blushes As she wore azure and monsoon lit earth frondescence Her pizzaz and resplendence Froze my five senses!

Sun rises in the valley between her hills Like a painter’s brush stroke, her eyebrows kills! Erubescent skies paints her cheeks rose While shooting stars shines poetry prose Unable to stand I shiver, my knees trembles Jitters down my spine, stomach full of collywobbles!

Her patterned moles form serendipitous constellations Those honey tinged lips glooms, Making butterflies balter in temptations! Her symphonic giggles echoed in my archaic heart So it fiddles thousand violins to the tunes of Mozart! Her pulchritude dazzles like mangata on my ocean That glimmer in her eyes halts planetary motion! Like a stary skies her kalon redolates Assimilating me in her captivating eyes! Sonorous choirs vibrates in her vocal chords While I capture its notations in my piano chords! Into surreal world my heart flies Under the spring tress it lies On her lap under cerulean skies While zephyr from my breath cafune her hairs I can hear brontide inside my heart croons and cries

I seek her inner light of pure soulful kalon

Which itself is the sun, dazzling

Even on the darkest cloudy days

It’s the light which guides me home

It’s the light which lits up my garden

Where all my flowers blossom

She is the poem

Which I never want to finish writing

Because I like to see how synonyms of words

Fight with each other just to portray her

She is the song

Which I never want to finish composing

Because I like to see how each notes turns into

mellifluous nocturne that pacifies broken hearts

I desire to hide in her latibule forever and ever

Getting drenched in her emotions

Entangled in her senses

Watching tranquil moon on her face

And forgetting all my worries

Creating lifetime of wonderful memories!

By Chethan N Murthy

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