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By Madduri Satya Tejeswar

Her soul, one of infectious innocence,

And her spirit, one that could melt the clouds;

She smiled her smile,

And time stood still,

While the gods looked in awe;

The lone light in a starless night.

Her hair, embodied by the river Nile,

Her eyes, a window to the northern lights;

And then she laughed-

Her oh so precious laugh,

A sound of hope,

And Gaya gleamed in weightless pride

Every time I saw her, butterflies whizzed,

Every time I thought of her, existed bliss,

Every time we talked, a moment of chaotic tranquil.

She was the art of perfect imperfections,

She was beautiful,

But more than anything,

She was herself.

Nothing made sense;

The moon disappeared,

And the sun didn't shine,

But it all made sense,

Because I was hers,

And she

Was mine.

By Madduri Satya Tejeswar

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