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By Rajat Meresh

We go back a long way

To your little boy’s first cry

What I feel, words can’t say

But to you, I’ll no longer be saying hi

You left a few days ago

And for you, I’m happy

Though it came as a blow

Now, you’re not trapped in your body

But your chair is empty

And your photographs

I can hardly bear to see

Still, I can laugh

Because your spirit is free

And it's the end of your suffering

In the afterlife, I’m sure you’re happy

Even if over us, you’re still watching

You were a good mom

And I remember the milk was hot

On cold winter morns

You were the kindest alarm clock

We called you fatso

And took you for granted

Nicknamed you Bassallo

And used other silly terms of endearment

When you became too feeble

You still worried about our wellbeing

Your family, you always needed

So up there, I wonder how you’re doing.

By Rajat Meresh

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