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By Jyotsana Sastry

We write about women a lot,

Men are also amazing creation, I thought.

Men who never get credit,

For the hard work he did.

He is supposed to work because it is his responsibility,

If he doesn’t we judge his credibility.

Its ok for women to stay home,

But if men stay home, the whole world is blown.

Women cries, they get love and care

Men cries, they are mocked and sympathy is rare.

Women getting abused by men is a common news name,

Men also get abused by women, I wonder why this news do not get that much fame.

Men should be strong, is what everyone expects,

Men can also fall weak sometimes and that we should accept.

Men are also humans and they have feelings,

They too hurt and cry genuinely.

Respecting what men actually are, would be a fair game,

It is not necessary to pretend that he is ok, when he is in deep pain.

I have a son, I will not tell him that strong boys do not cry

Instead will tell him to express what he feels and never be shy.

By Jyotsana Sastry

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