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By Himanshu Sahwal

Amidst a deep sleep,I woke up,

To a hustling sound in the kitchen,

The familiar everyday early morning sound,

That set the clock around the house ticking

Now when everyone was coming to their senses,

She had already dived under the sea,

A sea of endless chores and responsibilities ,

One of them being waking us,with a hot cup of tea,

Often were times when she went clueless,

Juggling up with some work from school

But given the choice of giving up or give in,

Persistence was always her go along tool

Be it day or be it night,

Whatever the problem at bay,

Saving from father's scolding to wiping up tears

She was always there to save the day

A source of eternal love and energy,

Your endless requests been always heard

She would always read your face like a book,

Even without you uttering a word

Unbound by religion or nature of species

And as pure as the driven snow,

This selfless love of a mother is omnipresent

And with all honour and respect,in front of it bow.

And as is now generally said,

God's presence is a mother's virtue

So always try and cater to her needs

Cause this return of love has since been overdue

By Himanshu Sahwal

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