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By Kritvi Gera

I looked into the mirror and the lies it told,

For it showed a corrupted soul,

Right behind me there it stood,

Greed and manipulation in the crook,

Luring me with a welcoming smile,

Madness clear in its eyes.

I told it to go away,

But it chose to stay this way,

Had its hand around my neck,

Ordered me to have a rebirth,

As a satan henceforth,

Gave me a grail to drink,

Even though I knew it was poison, I drank it anyway,

Slowly slowly I fell for it daily,

Caught in a maze with this agony,

Loneliness seized me quickly,

My obsession cost me dearly,

Pain I felt was too high,

That I wanted to run away.

Cuff me up so I can't escape,

I want to regret the sacrifices I made.

Kill me softly I asked it to,

Beg for death to come this way,

Couldn't resist the pain no more,

Demon’s side that I chose,

Gladly accepted me with no foe.

The wings they gave me to fly high,

Took me to the depths of hell,

I want to devour the sacrifices I made,

Seal the curses they placed.

Shake me so I can come to my senses,

Steal and hide the masks I have,

My secrets can't be out,

Its punishment is far to good.

As the last spell took its toll,

I couldn't see myself anymore.

I looked into the mirror and the truths it told,

For it showed a corrupted soul.

By Kritvi Gera

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