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By Preeti Kaur Bharj

"If you truly love me, how can you not trust me?" He snapped, he was furious,

Nostrils flared, eyes red-rimmed,

His eyes searched for answers, pacing around

The entire room, he was confident

I was the one to blame for every wrong

Doing I keep up with, but he knew...

He knew I was tired of the constant lying

And betrayal I faced throughout our years of togetherness,

I smiled, through my tired eyes, and said

" This March the fifth year will end", and

So will this relationship.

I understood myself too much to understand

It was not the "cheating" part that

I couldn't comprehend but his lying about

Being in love with me, and the touches,

With his touches, he caressed my skin and my soul while

In heart bearing someone else, and

Now when he stands here and blames me for

This all is going to break us up and break

Me to pieces and use my trust issues to

Be with her instead.

By Preeti Kaur Bharj

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