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By Ilaa Vasishtha

I see her. As bright as day.

I feel her. Oh, so deeply

I meet her. I touch her.

I feel her. I see her.

She runs through the fields

Her long gown flowing with the wind

Her hair bouncing up and down

So luscious, so wild, so alive

And as she runs wild, she turns back

Her hair so beautifully caressing her delicate yet fierce face

And she smiles. Smiles like no one has ever smiled before.

Her smile glows. She glows.

Something about her radiates that light

A light rarely seen.

A light rarely felt.

She owns it and she claims it.

A charm rarely seen before spreads through her.

Exuberates out of her.

Captivating everyone who ever comes in contact with her.

And as I, so unwillingly, turn my gaze away from her

The warmth of the sun sets in

Bearing my soul wide open

As I slowly close my eyes

I find myself feeling into her again

I feel myself shift.

I feel myself transform.

And as I feel deeper and deeper it hits me.

I have become her.

I have transformed into her.

I have aligned into her.

And alas, I realise

It was never about ‘changing’ after all.

It was all about aligning.

All about becoming.

It was all about, well, just BEING.

I was her all this while.

All I had to do was just BE.

By Ilaa Vasishtha

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