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By K Vignesh

Lately my faith in god have been getting stronger

Or to be honest I need him more than ever

Life is humbling me, keeping me grounded

Giving me reasons to be thankful for and fear of loosing it

Uncertainty of the unknown and still the urge to keep going

Pursuit of happiness and anxiety of chasing it

I leave it up to him, hoping everything will fall in it's place

Lately I've been loosing my sleep, thinking ahead of time

Only if I could see his vision, or is it a forbidden paradigm?

I don't have any answers

Maybe that's what makes believing in him difficult

Maybe we aren't supposed to ask and watch how it plays out

Maybe there are no Maybes everything is meant to be

Maybe we are in the matrix or maybe it's a Pandora’s box so not opening it is a wise choice

May be the curiosity is why I'm doomed and salvation is the acceptance. Anyways,..

I've left it up to him, hoping everything will fall in it's place

Lately I've learnt to live in the moment and let go off the past

Well at least I try to, it's really hard to fight your build

Though I'm way past the past where I held the past like something that never passes

Quite contrary, being poised brought a certain good look

Look at all the good I've done, was my attitude whenever I felt low

But by his grace, now I'm learning to take everything with grace

That's why I'll be leaving it up to him, hoping everything will fall in it's place.

By K Vignesh

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