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By Aman K. Agrawal

Bhawanaye dafan h meri, bohat gaharai me dil ki,

Jaha jane par mujhe, khud ko kho dene ka dar lagta hai.

Yoon to ret par bhi mahal bana loo mai, gar tum kaho,

Na jane kis mitti me, mil jaye mujhe meri kismat dafan.

Har tooti chiz vapas pahle si nahi hoti,

Ganth pad hi jati h, tooti dor ko jadne par.

Accha nahi lagta yoon charitra par tolna tumhara kal mujhe,

Ki guzra waqt kabhi kharab mera bhi tha.

Ye toota dil abh bhi dhadkata h mere seene me,

Aaj bhi sirf tumhari kami h mere jeene me.

Ruka hu abhi bhi main usi purani gali ke chhor par,

Jab se tumne kaha h, kabhi na jana mujhe tanha chhod kar.

By Aman K. Agrawal

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