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By Vasundhara Daberao

A normal happy life

Little joys and peace

That what I want, silly

That calm soothing breeze

Those fun times

Giggles after falling

Funny stupid games

That I dream every morning

I want them to come true

For once I want to live

A life without worry, I drew

A vivid picture to keep alive

Myself, and the memories

Of bright light days

To keep myself going, series Of escape dreams paved ways

I found my peace there

Yet I long for it to never end I want the time to stop here Right when the bliss pretend

To exist, in that moment

When everything is perfect

When everyone is at their best When there is no place for torment

Dear time, freeze and take a break For eternity, let me collect some Specks of happiness before wreak Ruins everything, let me be at home

Home, promised place

Of growth and comfort

Sacred space of ease

Come forth! Come forth!

Not ginormous castle

I asked for a little love

Was it too wishful hustle?

Or my plea! My prayers too slow?

One normal happy day

Of love and laughter

Without inflicting pain or decay And unlike fairytale ever after

Its not an exorbitant ruse

Nor unfathomable task

Where art thou merciful muse? Is it too much to ask?

By Vasundhara Daberao

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