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By Vipul Vatsa

If you feel like you are nothing

But inside you have a bright light sparking by

If you feel that you haven’t accomplished anything

But a slightest motivation just keeps you high

If you are going through hell

But on your condition you don’t cry

If neither happiness nor sadness can change your mood

Instead you greet everyone with a calm smile

If people call you a loser

But you don’t let out a sigh

If no one supports you

But just your inner self hold by

If frustration is at your doorstep

Yet with a strong heart you open the door

Standing in front is the whole world

But you don’t let yourself die

If everyone is willing to change you

Yet you absorb every single word and reject them with a smile

Even if you are afraid to be wrong

But brave enough to admit your mistake and never speak a lie

If you do your work sincerely

And never wishes for the fruits you deserve

If you have done the right deed

And afraid no one, even the almighty

If you have suffered enough

Yet, knowing after, you stay quiet so

Then you are not ordinary but incredible my friend

And what more, the world one day will definitely bow

By Vipul Vatsa

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