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By Vomna Mohan

Haven’t you experienced life as a flow for all these years and suddenly something just hits hard on your face and you go like..

“Wow! This is what it is!

This is what life is!

This is how we’re supposed to live!”

Yeah! It really took 25 years of my life to finally come to my senses.

It all makes sense now,

The untold traumas of the little girl inside me,

The feeling of the first day at a new school,

The third part mind games,

People falling in love,

People finding it difficult to be in a relationship,

The core purpose of friendship,

The play of money,

What are we seeking?

Love ? No

Money ? No

Friends ? No

People ? No

Beauty ? Hell no

“It’s you dummy!” said my sixth sense finally.

Life isn’t about giving

Life isn’t about attracting

Life itself holds living

How I missed it though, all these years ?

The moment I realized it’s not about flowing but glowing!

It’s a boom! And it’s 25 for me,

Yours ?

By Vomna Mohan

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