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By Kalpesh Salian

This 2020 was made up of blunders,

There was no noise but a flashing thunder.

it made everyone wonder,

Fighters fought but in the end, some surrendered.

People were struggling day by day there was a calamity,

Helped others by opening our hearts we saw humanity.

Tried new dishes, took out our paintbrushes opened the space for creativity,

We laughed, we cried, we tried to be best and in every decision made there was unanimity.

A lot of negativity was going around,

what we haven't heard, was a relief and calming sound.

The workplace became home and home became our battleground,

The family was alongside so togetherness was found.

So 2021 arrived with hope.

Hope for colleges to start,

A hope to street Vendor to run his business with full spark.

Hope to finish all of the unfinished task

A hope to see people smile without a mask.

Excitement was in the air,

There were plans been made and time to spare.

As our hopes were raising,

the freedom we saw kept erasing.

This disease - it spiked,

and cases that were low suddenly got hiked.

With all the excitement running we forgot to lift up our guard.

And just like before 2.0 came and we are inside our home barred.

We are not taking our hopes down,

no time to hold grudge or to frown.

For the one's we have lost, will relive in our memories.

And the time lost, give our best to recuperate like our lost calories.

By Kalpesh Salian

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