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75 Years Of Indian Independence

By Neha Agrawal

75 years of independence,

But are we really free?

Talks of women empowerment, But empowered, are we?

A female child birth

is still a disappointment.

Female feticide - a crime.

Still committed without repent. Female education subsidized,

But still the ratio is low.

They boast of gender equality.

But treat women as below.

Dowry-a legal offence

seems to be just a theory.

A father collapses under debts for daughter's wedding-a harsh reality. A women's woes often unheard; Emotional abuse goes undetected. Even with the bruises of abuse the criminal remains unaffected.

Don't get me started on Rapes, They've become like cruel fashion.

The legal action goes on and on. The victim falls in depression. 'She asked for it' the Rapist says. As if her outfit is permission. Even those toddlers and adolescents not safe from such demons.

Woes of women-unresolved still Her only desire-just let her be. 75 years of independence,

But are women really free?

By Neha Agrawal

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