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3 A.M Cliche

By Yash Gupta

3 am is a very ambidextrous time i suppose.

One cortical area of your brain seems to be envisioning all the crazy stuff you did or you could do today; while the other part seems to be trapped in the deepest of the wells filled with heart sores and inconsolable aches, with occasional hint of guilt and pillows drenched in insuperable tears.

The only rescue from this treacherous well is offered by the rope made from alternate realities, strengthened by the courage offered by that inseparable playlist!

But that's not the most remarkable attribute of this time.

What's remarkable is how those thoughts, that you had buried deep down in the graveyard of your mind, come to life and toy with your resilience.

What's remarkable is how all the emotions start flooding in so effortlessly.

Tonight I was in a similar situation.

My mind refused to let go of all the wrongs that were done and brought along with them storms of suffering.

I couldn't stop thinking of things I could have done to ease the tension and distress that was slowly incapacitating us.

With every thought, i could see myself getting teleported to same old turn of events which kept chipping away my strength.

This was not something new for me. No, this was happening for quite some time now.

But i was unable to find a permanent remedy;A permanent cure.

After a number of episodes of such 3am cliches,i realized what was evident all along.

It became clear to me that all that torment that i was feeling was like a wood splinter stuck in my finger.

All i needed to do to get rid of this ache, this metaphorical splinter, was to pry it out.

It now became lucid that it wasn't those wrongs that caused me pain. It was my inability to let it all go and preach forgiveness.

I think it's just how we humans are wired.

We all make mistakes; some trivial, some grave.

Few may realise and admit it, others won't.

But I think all that matters is how you process these chain of events.

A wise human once said, "fuck this shit!",and he lived happily everafter!

Sometimes that's all you need to do and remove yourself from this focus of frustration.

You don't drown by falling in water; you drown by staying in it!

Forgive, but never forget.

Because after all, forgiving doesn't make you weak; it sets you free!

By Yash Gupta

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