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21st Century Depression

By Noyingbeni T. Erui

I make my bed every morning

Comb my head thoroughly

I smile at everyone and say

I am doing great!

Where can life go wrong


Half of my friends want me to be happy,

I don't want to disappoint them.

half of them want me to fail

I give them some satisfaction.

I cannot sleep a wink at night

As I drag through all-day

they call me intelligent

for an owl is-


I perform my task on time

but fail to eat my breakfast

Misery, miserable, miserableness,

They are my friends.

I want to die,

but the close ones get offended

Irony of all, they are the ones

who killed my passion for life.

After much effort, I cry

Oh yeah, I am another Drama Queen!

yes, I am a different kind of depressed

I am 21st-century kind of depressed.

By Noyingbeni T. Erui

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