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2020 Days

By Arnika Mishra

When we opened our eyes wide

wide in the morning, the phone

where the notifications slide….

As soon as we got up to brush our teeth,

there’s already a link on GOOGLE MEET.

‘MEET’ the word which, now sounds so crazy,

the lockdown that made some of us lazy.

While some did yoga, others thought ‘jo hoga so hoga’ ;

Listening to music-playing games,

if we lost then we burnt to flames….

That was what most of us did

but some had real talents they hid.

Learnt how to cook with mother,

argued all day long with brother,

watched movies with sister,

annoyed everyone with tongue twisters.

This is how we LIVED ALTOGETHER….

Happily, shouted teased and laughed


By Arnika Mishra

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