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Will you

By Ishika Verma

Will you follow me to the dark?

In this crowd will you be me spark?

Will you accompany me to walk on the road I chose?

In a garden full of sunflowers will you be my rose?

Will you hold me tight whenever I am afraid?

Will you tell me the words which are left unsaid?

Will you be there whenever I have nightmares?

Into my eyes full of pain will you always stare?

Will you always choose me over everyone?

Will you be my star, my moon and my Sun?

Will you calm me down whenever I cry?

Will you understand me or at least try?

Will you be forever my partner in crime?

Will you be singing for me like a chime?

Will you come to me after every fight?

Will you make every wrong right?

Will you come one day and be my savior?

Will you be not like rest and do me a Favor?

By Ishika Verma

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