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Who Knew

Updated: Feb 23

By Jal Naik

Who knew?

from full of joy,

in dark rooms we’d cry,

from being the happiest,

one day we’d be so dry.

Our generation seems fine,

When all we do is whine.

Mobile phone, laptops and gadgets,

have taken all our time,

When’s the last time you played cricket

and seeked for more time?

From going out with friends,

now excuses we find;

From eagerly waiting to share a secret,

now on Whatsapp we drop.

For all this, on COVID we blame,

Don’t we have even a little shame?

‘Depression’ is the new Gen-Z slang,

if you don’t have it, you’re not in the gang!

Hatred spread more than love,

Aren’t we the ones who admired love?

By Jal Naik

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