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Treachery Begins With Trust

By Vanshika Gupta

The Betrayal.

It hurts a five-year-old kid the same as it does a fifty-year-old adult. It hurts irrespective of age.

By betraying a kid, you are merely poking a hole in his blanket of innocence. You are making him doubt his pureness and trustworthiness. The kid might stop crying after a while, but you have left a scar inside his heart.

And by betraying an adult, you are cruelly ripening the bandages they have put on over years. You can't shake their trust since it’s already been shattered into a million pieces; instead, you're blowing air into those scars, forcing the already shattered shards of trust to fly inside their body, leaving marks on every organ they come in contact with. And the fresh blood that will flow from these cuts will not reflect their shaken trust, but rather will serve as a reminder of the suffering that these betrayals have brought.

By Vanshika Gupta

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May 21, 2023

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