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The World Isnt A Bad Place

Updated: Jan 27

By Yash S Jain

The world isn't a bad place

We people living here, are living in a wrong way

Damaging the nature, inch by inch every day

Just to make our own personal space.

The world isn't a bad place

People Fighting with each other in different ways

Forgetting love, unity and compassion that lays

We never trace the togetherness, but just want the world to replace.

The world isn't a bad place

We people have to just change our living

Peace, love, safety, beauty, all it has been giving

Look through the kindness of nature, such a warming Embrace

The world isn't a bad place

But we people need to change our ways

Bringing joy and peace all the days

Afterall, the world isn't a bad place.

By Yash S Jain

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Hitanshi Jain
Hitanshi Jain
Jan 12
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Yes world is much better when everythng is seen differently😍❤️

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