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The Promise Of A Traitor

By Anuvindan T

It’s the truth I had known way before this country started to burn

Way before you yourself spun the wheels of crushing fate

I knew it all before I made the choice to stand for what I believe

Perhaps sparing me was your greatest mistake, one that sounded your doom

A man who’s known as a devil of ten heads for his wisdom was so far-fetched

As a musician renowned, did you ignore how a wrong note can wreck the whole song?

An astronomer who made no mistakes, a man who could bend the world’s laws

Did the fog of greed hide the signs or is there something I’m unaware?

A ruler, a strategist, a warrior known for his might

An ideal king who yearned to make his country the greatest of all

An emperor who raised the kingdom from zilch, by means of his might unafraid

Was taking her an act of greed or another step for the peak?

I’m starting to doubt if it was a mistake or threads of prewoven fate

Regardless if you chose to die by that bow or it was just a simple misstep

I will not regret the choices I made trusting my morals, not love

That’s not to say I’m not hurting within, but I’ll walk down this path that I made

As the one who’s obtained the crown and the kingdom you left

Heavy as it may, I will not falter and aim to protect what you have built

I promise you this, your life will not turn into lies from that final mistake

Your raise, your reign, your fall, all will be known in its glory for ages to come

By Anuvindan T

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