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The Precious Past Of Vijayapura

Updated: Apr 5

By Deepika

“Ah, Kalindi is now seven months old.

“My sweet child, where are you,” the queen playfully exclaimed while trying to find her hidden daughter.

Giggling mischievously, Kalindi concealed herself behind the bed, evading her mother’s search.

“Kalindiiiiiiiiiiiiiiìiiiiiiiiii!” the queen exclaimed in terror.

Feeling scared, innocent Kalindi burst into tears as the queen shouted.

Reacting quickly, the queen rushed to take the real sword from Kalindi’s hands.

With Kalindi’s cry left unchecked, no one can save Vijayapura from its impact.

“Hush, my dear, nothing happened,” the queen attempted to calm her scared daughter, cradling her in her arms.

However, Kalindi’s cries grew louder, leaving everyone puzzled as to the cause.

“What happened to my daughter?” the king’s concerned voice filled the room as he entered, startling everyone.

Upon seeing her father, Kalindi immediately ceased crying and reached out her little hands as a sign to be lifted.

The king gladly lifted the little girl, understanding that all she wanted was her father’s presence.

So this is the matter. Kalindi only wants her father.

However, Kalindi seemed preoccupied, continuing her search for something.

Finally, when she stumbled upon the sword, Kalindi couldn’t contain her curiosity and burst into giggles. However, her small, delicate hands couldn’t bear the weight of the sword, causing it to slip from her grasp.

This unfortunate incident triggered Kalindi’s tears once again, leaving everyone in shock and astonishment.

Amidst the commotion, Kruthi chimed in with a curious tone, saying,

“My darling already dreams of becoming a warrior!” She grinned mischievously and picked up the fallen sword.

As soon as Kalindi noticed the sword in Kruthi’s hand, she eagerly wriggled out of her father’s embrace and toddled towards Kruthi.

“Wait, Kalindi! I’ll get you a beautiful golden sword,” the king assured her.

Upon hearing her father’s promise, Kalindi’s face lit up with happiness, causing her to grin and clap her tiny hands excitedly.


Night had fallen, and everyone had peacefully surrendered to slumber.

Ashwini, Kala, and Kalindi peeped into their grandparents’ room. Their hearts are brimming with excitement.

Krutha, engrossed in conversation with Kruthi, was taken aback and shocked to find his beloved grandchildren wide awake whom he had slept a few minutes back. And

“My sweet darlings, it seems your adventurous games are still in full swing! Come here, and I shall serenade you with a lullaby,”he exclaimed warmly.

Overwhelmed by Krutha’s unexpected response, the three children gleefully bounded onto the bed, nestling themselves between Krutha and Kruthi.

Ashwini, wearing a slightly annoyed expression, spoke up, “Grandfather, I’d rather listen to a captivating story than a lullaby. It’s getting boring.’

Krutha listened attentively and replied with a twinkle in his eyes, ‘Very well then, whose story would you like to hear?’

Ashwini, driven by curiosity, piped up, ‘Please tell us about our kingdom, and how Vijayapura got its name.’

Krutha smiled at the intriguing question and began, ‘Ah, you have asked a marvelous question.


It’s about that time.

When Vijayapura was but a flourishing forest, known as shantivan or kalvan. It was a place devoid of human habitation, shrouded in silence and darkness on all sides, resembling a moonless night filled with a profound sense of awe.’

A man lost his way and stumbled upon Shantivan, the sights and sounds delightfully captivating his attention.

In an unexpected turn of events, his eyes widened in astonishment as he witnessed a deer fearlessly chasing and overpowering a lion within seconds.

“Aweeeohhhhhhhhhhh!” His reaction was pure amazement, as he exclaimed, ‘


“Aweeeohhhhhhhhhhh!” Ashwini exclaimed and opened his mouth in shock.

“Hahahaha, ashwi, close your mouth or else mosquitoes may come inside your mouth”, Krutha laughs, seeing his grandson’s expressions.

“Grandfather, how is that possible?” Ashwini asked curiously.


The man found himself pondering the question “How is that possible?” as he ventured further into the forest, found

The radiant statue of Suryadeva illuminates its surroundings.

Overwhelmed by the sight, he humbly approached the statue, falling to Surya’s feet and began to offer his prayers.

Suddenly, Suryadeva appeared in front of the man.

And spoke like this:

“Ask me whatever boon you desire but don’t share information about this place with anyone.”

The man is none other than “the Kingaurya” who is now in his, disguised and checking nearby kingdoms.

“Give me a boon sedation. I shall become a mighty king and conquer the world, “Shaurya solicited. And if you don’t mind, can you please tell me about the unique incident that took place in front of my eyes.

“So let it be, those who live here are unstoppable Shaurya, in which they excel. No one can conquer them in their endeavors. In fact, I managed to vanquish a destructive demon, who used to sabotage everyone’s efforts and hinder victory. Through my actions, this territory has become unbeatable. Peace thrives here unharmed. That’s precisely why I advised you not to speak about this land, as only a formidable king can govern it,” Lord Surya proclaimed with a smile.

“Can I become that formidable king?” Shaurya confidently inquired.

“If you manage to defeat the ferocious lion, then yes, you can claim that title,” Lord Surya responded.

“I am prepared to face the challenge,” Shaurya eagerly declared.

Abruptly, the lion loomed in front of Shaurya.

Shaurya trembled, his heart beat fast, and his body was drenched in sweat, but Shaurya didn’t lose his courage.

Lion attacks Shaurya mercilessly and bites his hand brutally.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ammmmaaaaaaaaaa!” Shaurya screamed and sobbed out of immense pain.

The lion anew raided on Shaurya, but this time, he was alarmed.

He walks backwards, and the lion walks forward, following him.

This time he assaults the lion. After battling for four hours continuously, the lion accepted defeat. And the lion was roaring out of pain.

The mighty lord Surya was delighted with Shaurya’s accomplishments and he spoke like this:

“Waa Shaurya,marvelous, your strength is truly remarkable! No king shall ever surpass you, and with this remedy paste, your pain will vanish in an instant.’’

‘Dear child, go forth and return on the auspicious day of Kartika’s full moon. Remember, you have the potential to establish your empire within twelve years, and failure to do so may result in losing your rightful position as ruler of the forest and you have to work harder than anyone.’’

Shaurya once again took the blessings of the mighty lord Surya and left the place.


“Ahhhhhhh,” ashwini gasps. Grandfather how, is it possible?” Gasps in disbelief.

“It is possible, ashwi, if we have courage and strength.Look at your grandfather. I overcame the liger. Krutha showed his strong, well-built muscles.

“I can conquer if I desire?,” ashwini asked curiously.

“You can, dear.” Krutha ruffled ashwini’s hair.


Shaurya eagerly returned to his kingdom, filled with anticipation for the upcoming full moon.

Shaurya in his chamber

“Oh no, how time seems to crawl at this moment! When will the day fully unfold so I can lead my queen to our magnificent new palace?’ he wondered. As he pondered

“What are you thinking about swami”? Kirti entered the chamber, inquiring about his thoughts. ‘Oh, nothing.

“Just contemplating our future kingdom and the time for retribution,’ Shaurya replied.

‘Don’t fret, my love. Everything will be fine. Come, let’s share a meal,’ Kirti comforted, serving the food.

They enjoyed their dinner together and peacefully drifted off to sleep.

Days passed swiftly, and at long last, the highly anticipated day had arrived.

‘’Today, my dear, marks the full moon day. I shall take my leave now,’’ Shaurya exclaimed with excitement.

‘’Take good care of yourself, or else...’ Kirti warned him with an undertone of anger.

“Yes, yes, I understand the potential consequences I may face. Last time, also, when I fought with the lion, your words hurt me compared to the lion bites’’Shaurya teased Kirti.

‘’Are my emotions a mere jest to you?’’ Kirti pouted.

“Ayyyyooooooooooo, my dear lotus faded, forgive me. I beg for your mercy,’ Shaurya pleaded, touching his ears with his hands.

“Ayyyyooooooooooo what are you doing swami?” Kirti gently removed Shaurya’s hands from his ears.

In a joyous moment, Kirti performed the auspicious tilak on Shaurya’s forehead as he bid her farewell.

As night descended, a breathtaking sight unfolded before everyone’s eyes.

The land where the kingdom’s construction had commenced was now adorned with sparkling beauty that surpassed even the moon. Overflowing with excitement, everyone expressed their anticipation for the splendid palace that awaited them in the future, envisioning its magnificence from its current radiant state. And spoke among themselves surely in future the palace will remark as the sun.

Throughout the span of twelve years, Shaurya and Kirti shared a humble existence, sustaining themselves on just one meal a day. Undeterred by the challenges, they persevered with unwavering determination.

Miraculously, within a mere twelve years, a majestic and divine palace stood tall, representing the culmination of their relentless efforts and vision. As foretold by the mighty Lord Surya, anyone dwelling in the sacred Shantivan land would become invincible. True to this prophecy, Shantivan emerged as the shining sun among kingdoms.

Shaurya went on to conquer the rulers of the seven continents, striking fear into the hearts of all who heard his name. He defeated the king very easily, as if it was a mere game of kids.

Those who opposed Shaurya were merely like children playfully wielding toy swords.

Shaurya possesses an indomitable spirit, which earned him titles such as ‘Ajay’, ‘Aparajit’, ‘Mahayodha’, ‘maharathi’, and ‘the lion’.

The kingdom stood undefeated, a testament to Shaurya’s unwavering leadership. Thus, it was profounded as Vijayapura.

Under Shaurya’s reign, the citizens were immersed in an abundance of happiness. Words of sorrow were eradicated from their dictionaries.

Shaurya’s impact on the world was immediate and far-reaching.

All other kings were mere playthings in the hands of Shaurya, akin to toys in the hands of a child.

The journey from Prince Shaurya to King Shaurya was undoubtedly challenging, known only to the divine lord.

After some time, Kirti recalled and conceived the idea of conducting the ashwamedha yagna.

When the horse was sent by Yanga, none dared to challenge it.

A year later, as the horses returned, the kingdom shone brilliantly. It was as if it had a thousand eyes, making it difficult to behold the grandeur of the palace. Jealousy burned within the hearts of those who witnessed the kingdom’s prosperity, particularly that individual who had done unfair to Shaurya.

Seeing that person, Shaurya’s face reddened, making it look like the sun.

The peaceful surroundings suddenly turned into a battlefield.

By Deepika

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