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The Future is The Hands Of Youth

By Bhavana Sivakumar

The world of tomorrow is in your hands, you are the leaders of tomorrow, you are the stars of the future' and you are being talked about nationally. The people of the world are waiting with the hope that the future will be enriched by you. Looking at the family level, many things are waiting for you like 'the responsibility of saving the family tomorrow, the responsibility of bringing the brothers to the shore, the moral duty of settling the family debts' is expected of you. Many of these are going to make you happy in the future. Some even lead to heights of fame. There are many other duties that must be done even if they do not excite or bring you joy.

You have a moral responsibility to do for country and home. But the basis for carrying these out is only your interest. It should be in good condition. Health is not just physical health. A person can be said to be healthy only if the body, mind, social outlook and spiritual outlook are in good condition.

Food and Nutrition

Food for nutrition is essential for any life. You need too. But the diets of most of you today's generation are changing. Our burdens are freed from the grand systems and diverted along the paths of the Western civilizations. There are many mothers who are worried that "He tells me that the Idiyappam and sambar that I have cooked are not good, so he orders 'Pizza' and eats it." Not only pizza, many ready-made foods such as buns, rolls, mixers fill the restaurants. From there they also do home delivery and parcel delivery. Yes they are mouthwatering and soft to eat. Approaching the shop attracts the nose. The taste buds of the tongue are thrilling. Moreover it is like a passion. It takes great humility to escape from them.

But what are these? The dough contains oil, margarine, flavorings and colorings such as Ajinamoto. They are as full of empty calories as a deflated balloon! That's all. They are devoid of nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein. Hence weight gain. Look down. Does your belly button hang over your waistline? Yes, when you gain weight, fat is deposited all over your body. Face hands feet whole body. Similarly it is read in the stomach. Fat is deposited not only on the outer part of the stomach but also inside the stomach. This fat deposition is not good.

Medical studies suggest that there is a high chance of cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Because of frying and repeated use of the same oil, all of the above-mentioned fast boots are rich in rancid fatty acids. These increase cholesterol and lead to cardiovascular diseases. You don't want heart disease to be a stumbling block on your path to future growth. So bring a change in diet.

In one of its publications, the World Health Organization points out that malnutrition in childhood and infancy will affect the development of future societies, while taking into account that malnutrition is becoming a global problem like an epidemic of obesity.

Malnutrition that persists during childhood and infancy stunts a person's growth and affects society. Your growth and health, which lowers IQ, depends not only on you but also on your parents' early care. It is clear that their care and attention is important especially in children and teenagers.

Anemia can impair one's energy and performance. Fatigue. It also reduces thinking power. But it is more important in women. Because they are not just women. Even mothers-to-be. As women, you should improve your general health and prevent anemia before becoming pregnant.

Balanced diet

Eating a healthy balanced diet can improve your health and prevent anemia. The diet should be 55 percent starch, 35 percent protein, and 15 percent fat. According to this, food can be divided into six categories.

Next to these is a layer of high fiber vegetables and fruits. Both of them alone should be a major part of one's diet. of, meat. Milk and fish types may be 15 percent.

At the top of the dome is the area containing oil, butter and other fats, cakes and ice cream. These should be consumed very sparingly. But in today's fashionable diet, this is reversed and diabetes is. Problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol and excess weight can cause dizziness.

Along with following a healthy diet, daily exercise is also essential. Healthy lifestyle habits should start at an early age.

Developing sexual and reproductive knowledge

As you transition from childhood to adulthood, your body undergoes many changes. As girls grow, their bodies become thinner and thinner. Breasts roll and gather in a flat chest. I don't know where it came from, the attraction runs and grabs me. This is the miracle of puberty. When the first period comes she becomes a big girl.

Different changes occur in men. The body grows. The voice becomes thick. Moustache. Hair growth occurs elsewhere. It usually occurs between the ages of 9 and 14. Every boy goes through puberty at one point in his development. They are physical changes. But more than that, the feelings reach the threshold. When you see the opposite sex, you feel something inside. When you see some people, the desire to see them again and again prevails. The inner feelings also jump to the genitals. In boys, the penis is erect. Tight underwear is needed to keep it under control. Feelings arise in girls too. But modest ones. Not much visible outside. The face tends to hide the inner feelings. Can be hidden from others. Her organ is slightly moist.

Both men and women will rejoice. Body shivers. Sweating may also occur on the face. May the memory of the loved one be cherished. The memory stirs even when going to bed at night. Dreams can also come. Such attraction to the opposite sex is normal. Full sexuality and desire may take some time.

Sex education

As such, you should acquire basic knowledge about the structure of body parts, their development, and their role in reproduction. In fact, the lack of teaching about them in our curriculum is a major shortcoming. It is true that there are no good books in Tamil for you to learn about these on your own. Parents also do not teach. Because in our culture there is a reluctance to talk openly about these things. That is incorrect. Parents should teach children and teachers should teach students.

Because this doesn't happen most of the books and websites you read about them are obscene. They are merely arousing sexual feelings and not aimed at intellectual development. Therefore, facilities should be developed that can be easily accessed by teenagers and adolescents, such as sexual organs, reproduction, sexual relations, adolescent feelings and explanations about them. These need to be widely implemented at the community, national and government levels. As a result, it is necessary to help them gain clarity about safe sex.

Wrong Actions and their Remedies.

Due to the lack of the above, many young people are involved in wrongful sexual activities out of ignorance. Thus syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia. There is a risk of sexually transmitted infections ranging from herpes, viral warts to AIDS. These include herpes, viral warts; Some, like AIDS, are completely incurable. Can only be kept under control. This can cause lifelong problems. But others are completely curable.

There are many who seek doctors for fear that they may have contracted dangerous diseases after having bad sex in their youth. There are many others who have many other symptoms that are not related to such a disease and which cannot be spoken out. It is necessary to get in the habit of meeting a qualified doctor and having a frank discussion to clear doubts. Passing time in vain increases the severity of the disease. But if there are no adverse diseases, the only thing left to do is to suffer in vain.

Adolescent Clinics

For car works, for mothers. There are separate medical clinics for children and the elderly. These are working well for them. They not only cure disease but also prevent it from coming. Similarly, I think it is good to set up special clinics (Adolescent Clinic) for adolescents. Some may say that there are special clinics for sexually transmitted diseases and they can be used. It is true. But we also need to understand the sentiments of those who are reluctant to go there and feel black-marked by society.

Actions against sexual assaults and violence

At the same time as valuing the sexual feelings of adolescents, it is necessary to take strict measures against sexual abuse and violence. It is also desirable to come up with special laws for that purpose. There should be no mercy in the place of those who stand on the streets harassing women and indulge in sexual pranks. The law needs to strengthen its hand and step into action.

Abortion should be legalized

What path does our society and government show to such people when a woman becomes pregnant through ignorance, or unexpectedly, or through violence in Bali? It turns a blind eye by saying it is against the law. Abortion is a crime according to our country's law. It can only be done if two doctors attest that there is danger to a woman's life. If a woman becomes pregnant against her will by mistake or violence, she has to face the ridicule and slander of society with the fetus. To live with shame. Or even commit suicide. Her future is ruined.

Otherwise, you may end up having an abortion in unsanitary fake doctors' clinics. In such places it is done by inexperienced and uneducated doctors; Newspaper reports say that many women die every day from miscarriages.

Even after many culturally rich countries, including India, have legalized abortion, we remain closed-eyed in meditation. We pretend to protect our cultural superiority. We play. We are sacrificing many young lives for the benefit of the society in the name of law. Abortion must be legalized if we want to avoid senseless loss of life. Or there should be flexibility in the laws relating to it.

mental health

Doctors and teachers who deal with them can observe the increasing number of mental health problems during school and teenage years. There may be two main reasons for this.

1. Main reason is decreasing family interaction. Both parents go to work. Care, observation and affection for children as the joint family breaks down and leaves paternal grandmothers to help; is decreasing.

2. But at the same time parents expect high results from their children academically. Children who are unable to compensate for these are exposed to various problems. Teachers are prone to behavioral problems such as disobedience to parents, rudeness, bad habits. They indulge in wrong eating habits.

So many people suffer from psychological problems like anxiety and depression. There is also the risk of getting diseases due to bad sexual habits. Drug abuse is an extension of this. Therefore, it is necessary to identify and correct the psychological vulnerability of young people at school, university, and social levels. For this, it is necessary to develop knowledge and energy in parents and teachers. In addition, it is necessary to train and engage professional medical personnel in this regard. Psychological support, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. can be made readily available to those in need.

Drug use

Due to the various reasons mentioned above, many young people resort to alcohol, smoking and drug use to seek fake happiness. It is difficult to recover even if you get into these as a game of 'one-footedness'. Don't forget that your practice of taking exams as a game of “taking alcohol” will be pushed back into the bath by your friends. Don't get into these for their pleas for others' face. Developing the courage to say 'I won't, don't want' to your face is essential in young reading. Training for this should come from the parents. Selling alcohol, drugs, cigarettes anywhere without question is dangerous. Especially young people should not be allowed to do so. These cannot be enforced by laws alone. It is necessary to develop a sense against these in the society. A happy family environment and guidance from elders will support this. A father who smokes or floats intoxicated cannot teach the child good things. An understanding approach can do what laws and coercion cannot.

An idle

There is nothing worse than having a banana, especially during youth, when energy is flowing in both body and soul.

If you ask, "What is your brother doing?", before he can answer, the father or mother will say, "He is going to go abroad in a few days." The biggest curse of our society is this foreign obsession. Many young men and women dream of going abroad. Physical health deteriorates, they become lazy without working. The money of the parents who are in the country and the relatives who are abroad to call is wasted. The mind gets tired due to long days. Addictions are approaching. They become useless and are ridiculed by others.

There is a lot of work here too. Or there is education. There are vocational courses as well as degree courses. Wouldn't training in them help in the future? It is better for both the body and the economy to put in some work than to live only on dreams.

Politically, the government has an obligation to make the Tamil youth think that 'this is our country too'. Past politics, war and extreme Tamil national sentiment have instilled in them the feeling that they are unwanted. To recover from this, special professional education, employment, self-employment promotion etc. should be done for them.

Reject violence.

Idleness also leads to violence. At the same time, lack of understanding of proper life norms, lack of wider social concern and egoism are the reasons. Thinking beyond me, my happiness, my happiness, my family should start at a young age. On the contrary, if the thoughts of our society are expanded as our country, if we understand the needs and feelings of others, then there will be no sense of order.

A sense of community helps us to stop standing on the street and calling out to women and others and doing pranks. Otherwise, it will start as retail theft and turn into hood raiding and looting.

War and racial oppression have destroyed many of our good values. Many people have a feeling that violence can solve anything. It is wrong to reject violence and choose the path of reconciliation through negotiation. Everyone needs knowledge on how to solve problems.

The problem may be a domestic problem, outside it may be a love problem. Or it could be problems at work. Or it could be embarrassments in public places like temple, reading room etc.

Not only education but also spiritual institutions can train us to deal with anything with an open mind and compromises. So try to make the future that awaits you bright, golden and full of joy. Keep your body and mind healthy accordingly.

“The world of tomorrow is in your hands not only for you but for the whole world.”

By Bhavana Sivakumar

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