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The Deary Heart

By Pratikshaa. M

The wrath of the mind is a convenient outlet

For the fears of the heart,

If ever one could pause

And trace back to where it all began,

They’d be surprised to find

A thousand more branching out,

Yet the fear of the heart

Would be the constant dealer at work!

Who owns the key to this trigger?

Every soul out there would be eager

To find an opportunity to kindle it,

Even those of whom you hold dear

Would take a chance,

But none of that would matter

If you are to keep your mind and heart

Accustomed only to the path you embark,

The people that come your way

Are often mere material facts,

They’d vanish in no time!

It is secure for the mind to wander

Until it’s aware of its purpose,

But a mind that lacks reasoning

And a heart that goes beyond its limits

Are doomed to suffer,

The mind and the heart share weird bonds

They react to each other’s call

But the call shall be yours,

Make sure it’s a wise one!

By Pratikshaa. M

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