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The Black Bird

By Sheikh Shabir Kulgami

The Black Bird

Over the vales, over the hills flew the black bird;

Defiant and daring in quest of a grain

The tempest destined him into the vale

So dense, so dark longing for light like a traveler for a water drop in a desert/

The vale was a kingdom beyond light-

The kingdom it was so unique

That vice was honey and honey was vice

The sprightly dwellers were proud strangers

The sight of a prey ripped their smarmy façade

It was a race to feather the nest

What could melt the hearts of steel?

Though they pounced upon the natural blessing,

Yet they crossed swords for the king’s hand

The leeches defied the kingdom to be one

A brother’s blood quenched a brother’s thirst

The black bird brooded and bathed in tears

O, for the hour of flight out of the vale!

But the wings had fallen sees the bird

What could he do but brave the storm?

And dwell in the vale alone and calm

Yet, they called him a freakish bird;

Away with you O, black bird!

By Sheikh Shabir Kulgami

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