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Silent Cry

By Neha Kujur

She was a lioness, she was a warrior

Filled with confidence she breaked every barrier

She was a visionary she was a leader

Everything she did without any fear

She valued every relation everyone was her dear

She never compromised as her priorities were always crystal clear

She never needed anyone to make her feel like a queen

As she never was a princess she was a queen

But this stupid society never left her alone

They tried their best to make her live like a clone

With time she forgot her identity

She gave up to this society and became a housewife

She still did everything with perfection

But no one appreciated rather treated her as a servant

She endured everything with a smile

As her family became her world her pride

But they too belittled her and always complained

It's an agony that they were her pride but she one someone whom they were ashamed....

By Neha Kujur

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