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Should Call You Magic

By Vomna Mohan

Either talking to you,

Or expecting a call from you

Ultimately, I end up thinking about you all day; I win every single time

Wondering what you’re talking about sometimes

Yet, I’d listen to you all day

Doubting if this is real

Cause life lately is so fanciful

What does your smile look like?

What would I do when I see you?

My heart starts racing thinking about that day

Never thought all my suffering could be vanished

Nothing is more cute than you speaking my language

Can’t stop myself from turning in to a tomato, when you call me Honey

Butterflies are true! I could feel it today

Pictures of cars, sandwiches and pastas are all I could see

Teasing me is your mania

The sweetness in me

Child like softness

My Smarty mind

Wild and wonderful

May be all these are meant to be witnessed by only you


Happy isn’t enough; to reveal what I feel

Find a word for me? Or let it be “you”

I met you, someone who listens to all my ramblings

Questioning what I’m feeling right now

But it feels so good

You make me happy

Should I call you magic now?

You’re a magic baby

You’ve become my magic

Magic that changed my life upside down

By Vomna Mohan

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