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Shh.. Listen Closely

By Kaushik Raj

A whispered falsehood, a deceitful word..

A web of lies , that's spun and heard.

A twisted tale, that's meant to deceive..

A secret kept, that's hard to believe.

It starts with a slip, a little white lie..

But soon it grows, and it's hard to deny.

The weight of the words, the burden it brings..

The guilt that eats away at our very being.

And yet we're tempted, time and time again..

To tell a falsehood, to deceive a friend..

To hide the truth, to keep a secret..

To avoid the consequences, to look discreet.

But in the end, the lie will be revealed..

The truth will come out, the secret unsealed..

And all that's left is the damage it's done..

The trust that's lost, the harm that's begun.

So let us be truthful, let us be real..

Let us speak honestly, and let it be the deal..

For in the end, the truth will set us free..

And it's the only way to truly be.

Let’s choose honesty, let’s choose right..

And let us banish the darkness, and let in the light..

For the truth will always prevail..

And it's the only way to truly sail.

By Kaushik Raj

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