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Updated: Sep 20

By Suvidha Tambe

Are we really focused on what we want ...?

Are we really happy at the end of the day ...?

Just doing what we want ...

Or; we enjoying it in a way we want ...?

Are they really going well...like we want ...?

And; Are they giving us satisfaction ...which we want...?

Or; just doing formalities to follow the responsibilities ...

Are we really improving ourselves ...?

Or just giving presentations of abilities...?

In the race of to be perfect;

Losing the fun of imperfection …

And; Searching for happiness in a new way

Walking on same old notion …

Answers should be true ...

If the questions made us to think;

That something is going wrong ....

Because; no one is around

And if you want to sing;

You should know….

What will be your song….

By Suvidha Tambe

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