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O Zeus, O Peitho

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

By Swati Joshi

O Zeus , O Peitho.

Life seems unjust to you.

What would these mortals know?

Is it the inbuilt nature?

Or personified responsibility

Of promiscuity, of dissolute thoughts.

Be them as licentious as they may be.

O Zeus, O Peitho

What would these mortals know?

Conversion O Sublimation of unaccepted desires.

Flickering dresses over candle’s flame

while the innocent impulses ignite something ingenious.

Is it your fault, your inclinations

come with consequences 

of being disregarded and judged

of being unfaithful reckless wants.

O Zeus, O Peitho.

What would these mortals know?

And why would they?

By Swati Joshi

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