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Nosy Society Dictate

By Ariya Mangta

Today someone asked me, “When will you wed?”

As if in this whole world, that’s the most important thing that they’ve said.

By my age, my appearance, my time in this world,

Why does the nosey society dictate my worth?

They think that my value is determined by these things,

But sorry, it’s about the kindness and the love I bring,

It the passion I treasure and the joy I create,

The human I have built, that’s not just a fate.

Do you see any problem waiting for the right one?

A love so true and will be eternally young.

For when I am set, I’ll know who to seek,

And nourish my relation that’s strong and unique.

For once, let’s just focus on the value of love,

With trust, communication and blessing from above.

And when I’ll finally meet the one, who I desire,

I will have clarity and compassion, and nothing more to require.

By Ariya Mangta

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Sujan Pariyar
Sujan Pariyar
May 19, 2023
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Pepe Pepe
Pepe Pepe
May 19, 2023
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