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My (Not So) Perfect Lie

By Devanshi Assija

Like the unspoken words,

My cries once again were left unheard.

Told me to come look for you when sad,

But how could I when you were the mere cause of that?

Tried to fight even with null might,

But lost again seeing you support the opposite side.

Broke me in ways too indescribable,

How come you still aren’t satisfied seeing me so vulnerable?

Thought i had you always for me,

Not knowing the promises were nothing but empty.

People say it’s nothing, that everything will be fine,

Just how do you want me to tell them that this has been going on the whole while?

Looking at you even now makes me remember our cute old times,

But brings me back to the reality of life,

Making me realize that as I wanted it to be,this is not a lie.

By Devanshi Assija

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