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Mist Of Prejudice

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

By Siddhant Raj

In this vast wilderness where merely prejudice reigns,

Where man is slave to the captor of greed,

Where he treats adversity as adversary,

Where he is twisted -

Twisted by the fiend of hunger,

Twisted by the knave of envy;

Why does he perpetually dig himself?

Into the pit of the devil desire,

Where the name of love is besmirched

By the wretchedness of hatred,


In this dance of life,

Does mankind solely deem wealth its melody?

Why does he taint his mind with the ghoul of bigotry?

Why does he blight his soul?

With the darkness of ignorance,

With the darkness of apathy,

Why does he refuse to see the euphony in life?


Oh, God Almighty,

Why is man so foolish?

By Siddhant Raj

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