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Mental Health

Updated: Sep 21

By Koral Mankad Vaishnav

I urge you not to get fooled by the smiling faces,

What goes on inside often shows no traces!

A part of a person is what the society sees,

But another part is locked inside, with no keys!

On the out, all may seem just fine,

On the inside, so many of them whine!

Although to live like this seems a little unfair,

For what the people would say, a little too much we care!

Just to appear good to others all the burden shall we bear,

We all know it, we all did it, we’ve been there!

A physical hurt is acceptable, because it’s visibly true,

The mind is unseen, so holds a taboo!

I urge you not to get fooled,

On the outside you just see the tip of the iceberg!

By Koral Mankad Vaishnav

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