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In Search Of Light

By Kinkinee Sarma

She was lonely and scared,

stuck in a dark cave,

no space for light,

her eyes were swollen as she’s crying so hard.

But none can heard her,

none can see her.

She was losing all hopes of life.

But then she saw a dot of light.

Oh! It’s a firefly.

She was in doubt.

What if it’s an illusion?

What if it’s a cruel joke again?

But she stood up and took the risk,

and she went near to the firefly.

As she touched it, it started to blink.

“Come with me”, it said.

She looked at the firefly with confused eyes.

“Trust me”, it smiled at her.

And she finally followed the dot of light.

It was a risk to trust that firefly.

But she was hopeful at that time.

She knew she was led to the path of happiness,

and going to free forever from her fears.

By Kinkinee Sarma

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