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I Wish, Hope And Pray

Updated: Feb 23

By Jal Naik

What are you trying to be?

You aren't a good daughter neither a good student and nor a good friend.

Who are you?

Why do you keep hurting people?

Why is that your happiness depends on others?

Why isn't it within you?

Your hurtful, painful, harmful;

For yourself and for others too.

If I cry, I'm a loser;

If I don't, I don't care.

How is that even fair?

I pretend to care,

While it hurts deep down there.

Whom am I trying to prove?

Friends? Family? people?

Or to myself? About all that I can do?!

I'm such a horrible person,

With wounds unhealed:

I wake up every morning,

To be someone I wish I could be..

I'm not alone, yet feel lonely..

Whom to talk, share or pourwholeheartedly,

When talking time is five minutes only...

I wish, hope and pray,

To change all these words,

From negative to better...

I wish, hope and pray,

To be a better person as a whole..

I wish, hope and pray,

To be a better daughter, a good student and a helpful friend that they deserve..

By Jal Naik

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